BeelzeRog Nude Mod Review 26: Adult DOOM WADs Part 3

BeelzeRog Nude Mod Review 26: Adult DOOM WADs Part 3

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So, it’s been a hot minute since we did a video. Sorry about that, more information at the end of the video, but in meantime I just want to thank for hosting my videos and it will be the main host for my videos for the foreseeable future. 


Now, let’s get into it.

Our first DOOM video was about simple image replacements. The second DOOM video was about user-created levels. Now we are getting into a meatier section, total conversions. And while there are plenty of regular total conversions, there’s not a lot of adult ones, so I had to sometimes be flexible with my choices. Most of it came down to how much of the game elements were replaced or how novel they were. This time, however, not all of these are available at doomworld’s archives. But we will be showing them in chronological order.

Succubi by Peter, released in 1997, starts off in a hallway and with a warning. Which is good, because this total conversion needs one. It then places you in a city street with “Peter’s Bar & Stripclub” right in front of you. Explore around to find the key & armor as well as some extra weapons, you’ll need them. Once inside the strip club, you will soon be dealing with naked women attacking you, 

“God, I hate that when that happens. You go places, naked women attack me… it’s a life.” 

Complete with rather gruesome death animations.

“OK. these death animations, now is that a shotgun hole to the stomach or is it a gaping vagina, I can’t tell. You tell us in the comments what you think.”

There are also some of the women who do not attack and will simply dance in place. 

*Rini dancing noises*

The walls are filled with nude images, which is nice because it helps break up the wood panelling texture that overwhelms most of the level. 

“It’s like, you know, 1975 romper room. There’s no shag carpet though. Aw that’s too bad”

There are peep show booths with animated gifs playing, including one from “From Dusk til Dawn”, released the year before. Once you can get into the back employee areas, you can find out the gruesome secret the club is hiding. Actually there are two, because I couldn’t find a way to exit the level. However, a quick check of the notes says the level is unfinished, so I guess that’s shouldn’t be surprising. On the plus side, there is some inventiveness, like this attempt at faking a mirrored image. And there was the work to create completely new character sprites. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty good sprites, actually. Especially for the time.”

Still, gets kinda gruesome in a real-world type way, but on a technical level, it’s decent for something made in 1997.

“Yeah, this get a violence against women content warning.”

Bittersweet *unfinished* by Mouse, aka LilWhiteMouse, aka LWN, from 2006, is another unfinished Total Conversion, and it’s a damn shame, because this one had some serious potential.

According to the lore of the game, found in an HTML file that comes with the game file, you are an agent of the demonic twin sister of a celestial being who calls herself the One Goddess and you have been sent to help retrieve keys to free said twin sister from her imprisonment.

This One Goddess’s worshippers have a style which could be best described as Catholic fetish gear, as The One Goddess believes that women were created in her image and as such should remain as unclothed as much as possible as to let everyone see her glory. 

“I’m sure you would like to subscribe to that newsletter.”

I, I, I have found my new religion.

So there are a lot of mostly naked nuns running around, as well as naked statues in ornate Gothic church settings. The followers of her twin sister are appropriately demonic looking.

The artwork is incredible for something running off this engine and one might think it’s a little too ambitious. The art and typefaces can feel a bit too busy. 

“Yeah, they got to choose a different typeface. It’s like they did the Oldstyle Illumination font. No, it runs into the whole problem that metal bands run into. It’s like, ya know, if you’re going to do something like that, at least make it readable. That’s my main quibble, bad fonts.”

But I have to commend the use of all new player sprites, based off 3D renders from the looks of them. But because the game is unfinished, there’s instances of placeholder artwork or artwork that looks unoptimized. There’s also a fair number of glitches that are game-breaking, especially involving the teleporters you are supposed to use. And I don’t know if it’s the difficulty of the game or its unfinished nature, but I find it very easy to die in this game, no matter what level you set it on. Still, I highly recommend you check this level out just to see what might have been.

“Ok, so, couple of things. One, talk about hitting all of my aesthetic, weird, fetish, button things. Which says a lot more about me than I probably should say. But secondly, from the video footage, someone tried to make a (Dark) Souls game in a DOOM skin. And the aesthetic very much reminds me of Bloodborne. It’s pretty cool. I find it hilarious. So if you like Souls games. And if you like that whole Catholic, Demonology, crazy fetishistic sort of thing, which is kinda my jam in all honestly, this was pretty fucking cool. I giving it two thumbs up and ten toes.”

D3SerXXX by Doomguy2000, made in 2012, was placed in the Total Conversion category, but plays more like a large single level in-joke. Technically named “Doomguy Warzone Gold Edition Memorial”, a lot of sprites and weapons have been changed, including  Beavis & Butthead sprites, 

(Beavis voice) “Huh-huh, how much mayo goes into pancakes?”

along with sound effects. And it definitely falls into the politically-incorrect category. You seem to be dropped into some kind of pseudo-mall, with each store holding a needed key to unlock the level. My biggest complaint is that there is no way to exit out of the level. You just get stuck, weaponless with no way get out of the game other than quit. Still, it’s good for a laugh.

“Shooting Beavis and Butthead is always good for a laugh.”

(Butthead voice) Huh-huh, this sucks.

Monster Girl Quest 3D by HDoomGuy from 2017 is a work-in-progress to create a game based on the Monster Girl Quest eroge series from Japan. In it, you take the role of the series hero, Luka, who may or may not live on the second floor. 

“I live upstairs from you. I think you may have seen me before.”

Using his Angel Halo sword, you attempt to seal various monster girls in the game. Because if you take too much damage fighting the girls, you’ll end up getting sexually assaulted by the monster girls in a looped animation that will continue until you choose to respawn.

“Seeeee, that doesn’t seem like so much of a bad thing. ‘Oh, no, I gotta get banged by this hot fox girl demon.’  (This is a joke, we don’t condone IRL sexual assault) Though there is the Biliquis thing, that was pretty funny. Biliquis, for those who didn’t know, is an ancient goddess, Babylonian goddess, and to worship her, so the myth goes, she would absorb them, ‘cause she was the Holy Whore and you’d fuck her and she’d absorb you. They show that in the first season of American Gods if you were interested. *slurrp* Up the vagina.”

Kinda of a reversed birth.

“Pretty much, yeah”

The Angel Halo sword’s default is a melee attack. While it places you in range of the monster girl’s melee attacks as well, defeating monster girls gives you SP or Spell Points, which you can use to power alternate attacks with greater range and power. The spells are “Demon Decapitation”, “Thunder Thrust”, “Demon Skull Beheading” and “Death Sword Chaos”. These can be selected like a normal weapon in DOOM and triggered with the alt-fire, usually your right mouse button.

This is a pretty impressive total conversion. The amount of new artwork, sprites, sounds, and music is very impressive. There are currently levels based on the eroge series, including the Forest of Spirits and the Haunted Mansion. There are some test levels as well, including Luka’s home village of Iliasville. And I have to credit HDoomGuy for creating a Haunted Mansion that was brightly lit, but still spooky due to music and sound effects. 

“The ambient sound effects were pretty good.”

Unlike most of these WADS, I found this on HDoom Guy’s Newgrounds account. The game is self-contained and does not need GZDOOM to run. Just click the EXE and it will run on an included version of GZDOOM. I have attempted to contact HDOOMGuy to see if there will be more updates, but got no responses.

“It’s really an impressive thing. I just don’t get the cutesy thing. See previous comments about bizarre Catholic demonology, eschatology fetish gear is my thing. I don’t do the cutesy thing.”

HDOOMGuy finishes out our total conversions list with the ongoing conversion simply titled HDOOM


With the latest TechDemo10 released on June 26th, 2023. Though to call it a total conversion might be bit of a stretch to some, but considering the amount of work involved in adapting an increasing amount of enemies and weapons, plus the inclusion of a separate level, I’d say this more than qualifies.

HDOOM replaces the standard enemies with monster girls. The regular possessed troops are replaced with different versions of the Imp Demon monster girl with different attacks. Most of the rest of the demons have been replaced with monster girl versions, including all of the DOOM I characters & most of the DOOM 2, and he’s still working on more. Their voices have also been changed to various taunts. If you defeat them, you have a small window of time to be able to have sex with them by tapping the ‘Use’ key, complete with cycling animations. Instead of a corpse, you leave behind an exhausted hell minion panting on the ground. 

“And being that this is also, ya know, the cutesy stuff, so they are are like (imitates Japanese hentai sound effects)”

It seems the higher the level of monster girl, the shorter the window to select them to have sex, unless I’m doing it wrong.

The weapons have also been changed to different kinds of non-lethal versions, though I’m pretty sure the dildo-gun could probably deal some significant internal damage. Your melee is a pillow and several of your weapons seem to be some sort of aphrodisiac weapons, causing the monster girls to fall in ecstasy.

On top of replacing the monsters & the weapons, there is a special level called 

“A Lady’s Chambers”

where you can wander around bedroom and Japanese style bath and you can talk to some of the characters, as well as the ability to spawn monsters girls. Unfortunately, you are only equipped with your pillow and the pistol. Not the best way to deal with Cyberdemons.

Anyway, that’s the last of the DOOM episodes for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through time, which is funny since people are still making WADs for DOOM even now, thanks to the source ports. I’ve even made one that is currently available for download on my website, and on’s archive. And going through these has made me want to do another, larger, more intricate one.

Getting into the reason for the delay, you may have noticed our videos are no longer on the Vimeo video site, as apparently they just got around to deciding we were too lewd for them after roughly 3 years of paying for their service. 

“Not lewd enough” 

So I definitely want to thank for hosting my videos currently. Their website will be our main host going forward, though I am looking for other sites where we can upload our videos because this last incident has taught me the value of not putting all of my eggs in one basket. If you would like to help with keeping us going, please look at supporting us at or throw a tip or two my way when I play on on Tuesdays.

“8 o’clock, Mountain Time”

This is a last minute addition. I have just added merchandise to the website. So you can have your BeelzeRog gear, so…”

“Yay! Support us please!”



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