BeelzeRog Nude Mod Review 20: Mass Effect Andromeda

BeelzeRog Nude Mod Review 20: Mass Effect Andromeda

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Some days, it pays to wait, ya know. Be it for a new episode (sorry) or a game. Let’s take the case of today’s nude mod spotlight, 2017’s “Mass Effect: Andromeda”.

To recap the game: Mass Effect Andromeda is a kinda side-story, kinda sequel to the main Mass Effect series. Between the events of Mass Effect 2 and 3, in 2185, humans and several of their allies send 20,000 citizens each on a one-way trip to the Heleus Cluster in the Andromeda Galaxy. Over 600 years later, you wake up as either Sara Ryder or her sibling Scott, just as their Ark, the Hyperion, encounters dangerous dark matter later named “The Scourge”. This damages the Hyperion and interrupts the player-character’s sibling’s wakening, leaving them in a coma for much to the gameplay. Events of the game have Ryder becoming the Pathfinder for the human ship, charged with finding habitable worlds for the humans & their allies, while dealing with new enemies, new allies, and a central mystery of ancient alien technology known as the Remnant. 


You will explore new worlds, kill hostiles, make friends, navigate politics, go on fetch quests, potentially romance crew members, and pick up a lot of vendor trash along the way.

And the friends were the treasure we made along the way.

Now I loved the Mass Effects series… right up to Mass Effect 3, which I quit halfway through because I just couldn’t stomach the idea of going though all of that and then having to chose between a bad ending and a really bad ending. This has reportedly been fixed, but I’m still just ‘meh’ on going through all that again, even if it was to talk about the nude mods.

Which is why jumping to “Mass Effect: Andromeda” was such an interesting idea. I get to experience Mass Effect without having to deal with 3 games of baggage. Now a lot of people didn’t care for the game. If you looked at some sources, it was considered a flop. But I’m playing it 5 years after release, after various patches and upgrades have been applied and I have to say, I’m enjoying the experience so far. It took a little bit to get back into that type of RPG playing after spending so much time on games like “Fallout 4”, but I’ve gotten back into the Mass Effect groove again.

Groovin’ Groovin’

One of the big changes with the game is the use of the Frostbite 3 gaming engine. Previous Mass Effect games used the Unreal 3 engine. As such, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Frosty Mod Manager,…

Stay frosty.

Stay frosty, baby.

…which will handle organizing your mods and will be needed to launch the game so your mods will be inserted into the game.

Huh, Interesting. Can you download these on Nexus? Are they part of Nexus?

It’s part of Nexus but isn’t part of their mod manager.

Of Vortex or MMO or any of those?


‘kay. Interesting.

You have to use the Frosty Mod Manger.

Interesting. Okay.

For all of these mods, there are some consistencies that need to be addressed. They only work in certain areas, and if you don’t have the right outfits on in the right places, you’ll probably end up with a floating head and nothing else. Maybe some armor if you’re lucky. Secondly, you have to watch your applied mods order. The most important mods need to be loaded last. If something isn’t working, trying changing the mod order. Lastly, these mods are not physics enabled. There is no jiggle or bounce. Given the characters normally wear underarmors or military casual, the ‘bones’ were probably not added to their models in first place, so there was nothing for the modders to work with.

The first nude mod released was “Totally Softcore Space Porn Mode (Naked Ryder)” by modder “Toloc”, which is supposed to replace the short sleeve casual outfit with naked female Ryder. This mod required the MEAExplorerWV, an early Mod Manager. Unfortunately, it seems this mod manager didn’t keep up with Andromeda updates and is considered unusable. Fortunately, modder “brokencrash” adapted this mod to the widely used Frosty Mod Manager and can be downloaded as “Totally Softcore Space Porn Mode (Naked Ryder) Frosty Edition Patch 1.08”. This one can work with both long sleeve or short sleeve casual outfits.

This nude mod has no pubic hair. If you’d like to add some, download “Pubic Hair for Female Ryder” by “Big Fuzzy Lion”. 

That’s a big fuzzy pussy.

This will add pubic hair to the model, and even comes in extra colors and styles. It only works with “Totally SoftCore”

If you’d like something different, you can try a different nude mod with “New NudeTextures FemRyder” by mcdyn. This actually includes 3 different bodies for Ryder to ‘wear’, but only one will work at a time. All have slightly smaller areola  and different labia than “Totally Softcore”.

Meat Flaps

 “New nudetextures FemRyder MEA” is otherwise the same as “Totally Softcore, with shaved pubes.”

Oh my god! You know, I’d like to take this minute to say, these are ri-cock-ulous names for files. At least in Skyrim modding it’s like, “Buxom Babes 1.7” or whatever the fuck they’re on. Ya know, “Elyria Big Boobs” or “Ostim Bangin’”. They’re simplified. These are like “Well, we can do 64 character names, so we’re going to use all 64 characters. Ha! Ha! Ha! Fuck you!” It’s stupid! Fuckin’ figure out better titles. You could just say “Nude Tex” or “Totes Shaved Poobs”. Shorten your damn mod names.

“Nudetextures only Pubic Hair” adds some pubic hair to Ryder’s body. And finally “New nudetextures with stockings and pubic hair” adds thigh-high stockings and long lacy evening gloves to the ensemble. No word if there will be a stockings version with no pubic hair.

Well, we can’t have that.

Gotta be all dressed up.

I know, with your meatflaps showing.

Now that you’ve got the base outfit going, you’ve run into a problem. Yeah, Ryder is running around nekkid on the ships, but when she gets some areas, she’s usually a floating head. Well, you can solve this with various armor mods.

The first to come out is simply called “Nude Armor” by Cultkiller. 

See, now that is a good name!

This mod has files to replace 3 different armors, the Deep Space, the Heleus, and the Scavenger. It actually works when you just put the helmet on, giving you a completely nude body while allowing the stats of the different armors. You can swap the helmets around and still end up with the same naked result.

And that’s the important part.

Because we’re all here for the nudity.


While “Nude Armor” is nice, another variation came out about a  year later called “Nude Underarmor” by Midnight Shadow. This mod keeps the armor, but removes the underarmor suit underneath. This does have some problems with Ryder’s breasts clipping through some of the armor types, but can be solved by using the version called “Invisible Chest” with will remove the chest and backplates as well. You can still get the stat bonuses with the chest armor, it just will not be visible. Otherwise you are running around in arm and leg armors, plus occasionally the helmet.

If you want a variation of this, there is “Naughty Gamer – the Naughty Helmet” by DT7 which will give you a naked underarmor with regular armor, but does not include the “Invisible Chest” option. Still, Ryder’s breasts don’t seem to clip through the armor.

There was one instance where I went in to save a crashed shuttle and found the female members of the crew were wearing my style of outfit. Sadly this was the only time I saw this, but I was amused nonetheless.

Yeah, you had this crew of naked chicks runnin’ around. It was like, I think I saw this in a Fred Olen Ray movie. But anyways…

As an aside, couple of less robust outfit mods are available, such as “Topless Athletic Wear” by Spinx, which does exactly as it says in the title. It also removes the headphones as well.

You know, I’d like to mention you kinda missed an opportunity with the name Spinx. Could’ve used Spanx. Just sayin’…

Finally, there is “Custom Casual Outfits – Naked and Underarmor” which replaces the Casual Jacket outfit with the underarmor without armor plates and the Long Sleeves outfit with a naked model. Seems both limiting and overkill, but whatever playthrough you want is up to you.

OK, so you’re good to go, but what about your crew? You shouldn’t be the only nudist in space! So let’s bring in “Naked Crew and Model Swapping” by Atherisz. This mod has various files for various situations, including swapping character’s looks with other models. But for our purposes, first we need “Naked Pathfinder Casual Outfit Replacer All Variants Male Female” which will help make sure you stay clothes-free.

Secondly, you need “Naked Crew” which will allow you to pick which crew members you want in the buff,…

All of them!

…outside of three of the aliens. They will also take on some of the features of your Ryder, so if you choose the stockings body, they will have it, too. I have also noticed some differences in body types if you have it on or off. And the two asari on the ship share the same body, but Lexi is a darker shade of blue than PeeBee, so it is a bit jaring on the neckseams. Plus this will only work on the Tempest, your main ship. On missions, your crew will revert to their armors and on some ports and the Nexus station, you’ll get floating heads unless you turn off the mod before getting to those scenes.

If you are looking, however, for some of your companions to frolic in battle just as exposed as you are, you are in luck with “Default Armors Replaced with Nude Bodies” by “Modlover31”. You can use the files to replace Cora’s default armor with her nude body, or with PeeBee or both. There is a glitch where PeeBee’s hands and feet glow, but given her biotic powers, it’s not much a stretch. But a word of warning, the mod needs to have the alpha Frosty Mod Manager v1.6 (sometimes shows up as v1.5.10) to properly work, otherwise, if you try to load them into Frosty, it will end up with error codes and crashing.

Now, you’ll notice that I’m focusing exclusively on the females in this game,…

Yeah, gotta get some men.

…while there are some male options. 

It’s raining men. Hallelujah!

Well, it’s mostly for an asthetic reason. See, while you can get the rest of the male crew and the male Ryder stripped down as well, there’s something wrong with the models. They end up with these weird little nubs rather than proper genitalia.

Yeah, no swingin’ in the wind.

And while “Naked Pathfinder” by Platinum Druggie attempts to fix the male Ryder by adding some changes to the texture, it still looks… weird, honestly. When I realized I wasn’t going to be dealing with properly modeled male figures, I turned off any male nude mods for my filming and play through. Maybe someone else will figure it out. “Star Wars: Battlefront II” from 2017 also uses the Frosty engine and modders managed to make male nudes with proper penises, so it shouldn’t be a stretch to make some for Andromeda. But I digress and editorialize. 

Yeah, come on! Step up! Some of us ladies, and I’m sure not a few gay men, wanna see the wang.

Besides we’ll get to Battlefront and its nude mods another time.

Speaking truth to power.

So that’s our look at nude mods for Mass Effect: Andromeda. As a side note, I had a lot of fun playing the game and would really like to see a sequel. If you like what we are doing here, check out our SubscribeStar account at, 

Throw us some money, dudes!

…which will give you some extras, including some behind the scenes as well. By the time of this recording, there should be at least 2 outakes audio files for you to listen to us get off track while recording. 

That never happens. We are always just on-track, on the money. We’re pros. Not telling you what kind of pros, but we’re pros, let me tell ya!

Also, let us know how you like these videos and what you might like to see in the future.

Plus I should announce that I’ve started streaming adult games on, an adult streaming website. I’m currently playing through “Lust for Darkness” and right now I’m scheduling myself to play Tuesdays at 8pm Mountain Standard Time. There are previous play videos available but you will need an account to view any content. Subscriptions are not necessary, but appreciated. I’ve made them really cheap because I’m easy that way. 

Yes he is. He’s very cheap and he’s very easy, but he’s mine. You don’t get him.

That’s  And be sure to check out, which has some of our content mirrored. Later!


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