BeelzeRog Show Adult Game Review 29: Shady Lewd Kart

BeelzeRog Show Adult Game Review 29: Shady Lewd Kart

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Some days you want the full adult game experience, other days you just want to have a little naughty fun.

“Like me!”

This is one reason why I play with nude mods on regular games, because I get the regular game experience with some proper eyecandy in the meantime. But there are adult games with an emphasis on arcade-type action, such as Shady Lewd Kart by Shady Corner Games.

Video Clip; “Ooo, that’s hot!”

Now, Shady Corner is an Australian-based group which has been on YouTube for over 11 years.

“Ya wanna maybe hear me do my Austrailan accent? It’s really awful.”

Hopefully they don’t hear this. Stick to Minnesota.

“Oi, so, ah, you can put another shrimp on the barbie, over there! Dat be good.”

They’ve been reviewing adult games and other sexy content interspersed with comedy skits.

Video Clip: “Stay down, ya juicy cock!”

Though these days there’s less of the skits and the reviews are mostly done by the characters of Shades and Terry the Trash Panda.

Video Clip: “This game is fucking tits! I don’t mean, like, really good tits. What I mean is that there is some fucking honkers on the Start screen. Holy Shit!”

Personally, I’m more amazed by the ability to review as many adult games as they have given Australia’s rather draconian censorship laws.

But Shades and crew have put their money where their mouths are helping to produce and publish a variety of video games under the Shady Corner brand. And one of their central games is Shady Lewd Kart, developed by Molegato.

Shady Lewd Kart, if you couldn’t figure out the name, is a Kart Racing game, much like granddaddy of the genre, Super Mario Kart, as well as Lego Racers, Nickelodeon Kart Racers, and …. seriously, Garfield Kart?

“You’re going to have to explain that, ’cause I don’t know what Garfield Kart is other than apparently it was a Garfield racing game?”

Yes ‘That’s exactly what it is’

The game has a cast of original characters from Shady Corner’s channel lore, as well as licensed racers from variety of adult games and original characters created by Patrons. All of these have different stats as far as their Max Speed, Acceleration, Turning, and Boost. There are also a variety of racing vehicles as well, though some of the racers have their own special locomotion and none of the vehicles affect the racer’s stats.

“I wanna know, is there, like, a fart racer? Or is that like nitro? That’d be funny. Hey, Shady Kart people, put that down.”


“Yeah! A fart racer that acts like nitro.”

Best to start off in Detour’s Driving School, which will show you the ahem in’s and out’s of the game

“It’s like that funny in-and-out thing. Like breathing.”

Video: “Why does everything have to be sexual with you?”

And it’s mechanics. After that, you can get off to the races with any number of events, such as:

Story Cup – Which teams you up with a Pit Girl to conquer a series of tracks. This mode also introduces a bit of a dating sim element as well, that if you don’t answer the Pit Girl correctly, you actually end up with a handicap, named Emotional Baggage, in the next race,

“Don’t we all! That’s a metaphor for life right there.”

as opposed to answering correctly and being able to start off with a weapon. You can also pick up gift items for the girls on the tracks, but they only count if you place in the top 3 of the race. Or for the final boss race, you have to beat the boss. These gifts count toward special rewards for each girl and, once you’ve filled out their meters, will be converted to ShadyBucks to be spend on other items. This is, by the way, the easiest way to make money to buy the rest of the items in the game.

Events – Are special events that pop up for a limited time with special rewards.

Free Race – just a regular race that you can also play with a second player

Time Trial – Against a timer, complete with collectable clocks that temporarily stop time.

“You know what would be awesome? If it was collectable cocks that can stopped time. Just sayin’ “

No Nut Mode – Sliding and jumping makes your unlocked pit girls squirm, but you need them to keep them on the edge to increase your score, because letting them cum will end the race.

“Ya know what this calls for!”

Video Clip; “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

As with the Free Race, you can also check out Battle Mode to challenge a 2nd player to a variety of themed mini-games.

And on top of just the races, there is a metric buttload of content to unlock throughout the game. New characters, new vehicles, new animations, and new art are available a variety of ways, from spending gathered ShadyBucks at the Shops to scoring enough points in races to unlock other items. There are even hidden items to unlock on the tracks themselves. I’ve been playing over 50 hours and have only scratched the surface of unlockable items. There is even a museum space where you can look at some of the unlocked items and see the names and images of a variety of Patron and artists who donated to the cause.

Notice I haven’t mentioned the gameplay. Well, the racing itself is good and fun, but it also pretty standard for a kart racing game. You can rev your engine at the start to go out of the gate strong, but over-revving will cause your vehicle to stall. Power sliding is used for boosting. You can also get a boost from jumping over obstacles at the right time and hitting boost pads on the ground. There’s a variety of obstacles like traffic cones and oil slicks that can spin you out. There are weapons that you can pick up, all of them lewdly themed, like the lowly panty shot, to a homing panty shot,


to a wet panty that can cause spin outs and that’s just the beginning of the items you can pick-up and deploy against your fellow racers.

“Made blue panty sparks, yo!”

If your panties be sparkin’….

“If your panties be sparkin’ for longer than 5 hours, go see a doctor.”

The game can be played with a keyboard and has a decent mapping to a controller, though no ability to change the controller mapping at the moment. It also connects up to Lovense Sex Toys and rewards you with a special kart for doing so.

“Hehehe- ehhh”

And if you have other Shady Corner games, that can unlock even more.

The game is still technically in Early Access, so there’s more promised characters and content on the way. I say technically because it’s a fully functional game as it is and a solid buy even if they weren’t going to add anything more. And that, in and of itself, is pretty high praise.

“How much is it?”

Uh, currently about $20 on Steam.

And if I can add something more. There have been a few adults-only geek conventions that have been popping up in the US lately. This would be a great game to add to their Video Game Rooms since it has same screen two-player ability. Just want to throw that out there.

“Good plan. I endorse this idea.”

So pick it up directly from, or on a large number of gaming platforms, such as Steam, Patreon,, Fakku, Nutaku, Zoom, and Good Old Games.

‘Is Fakku the same company…is that the one that publishes all the smutty manga?”


“OK, Cool”

Yeah, I had forgotten that they carried games.

“I didn’t know they carried games. Well, theres you’re, ah, oooh, the more you know!”

This will probably not be the last time we’ll check in with Shades, given all of the games that they are releasing.
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Otherwise, join me on on Tuesdays at 8pm Mountain Time to watch me play adult and modded games, and remember we have our own website at and some merchandise being sold at See you next time!

“Mad Blue Sparks, yo!”



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