BeelzeRog Adult Game Review 23: Roshutsu

BeelzeRog Adult Game Review 23: Roshutsu

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BeelzeRog Script 23 – Roshutsu

“Good things come to those who wait” is the common wisdom. But sometimes waiting too long renders something new and refreshing obsolete. This can be especially true in the adult game space, where many games are being made by a single developer or a very small team. Projects end up unfinished due to burnout and outside forces. And what was once a promising new game ends with its fans hoping someone else will pick up the concept and run with it. Such is the story with the early access game “Roshutsu” by BareBottomGames.

This is the third reworking of this script as many things in and around this game have changed since I first found it and decided to review it. It was my original hope that I would simply have more to talk about as I delayed the review to keep the mixture of nude mods and adult games interesting. But events with developer Jaguar have gone in a different direction as will be talked about at the end of the video. For now, I am hoping “exposing” this game…


…will inspire others to be interested in creating or playing similar games.

Roshutsu, which can mean ‘exposure’ in Japanese, focuses on 22 year-old Rika Suto, who has recently moved away from home and planning to fulfill a dream of being a popular cosplayer.

Wow… what a dream.

Then she discovers a new world in ‘exposure play’, becoming more and more excited over the idea of being seen naked in public. This leads her to test the waters by leaving her home in the evenings, wearing little to nothing at all as she explores her neighborhood and her own desires.

I feel the need to be honest here, this is not going to be a very unbiased review. Female exhibitionism is a flavor of mine, to use SexPositiveGaming’s terminology. One of my favorite activities in the Saints Row games have been the streaking & flashing mini-games, made all the better by nude mods.  And given the empire that Girls Gone Wild” has built, I’ve been disappointed that this particular flavor hasn’t been more fully explored in games. So I was already sold on the concept even before actually playing the current build.

Getting into the most recent build of the game, it is still pretty bare-bones. Rika has a small amount of clothing options available like a sundress,…

It’s a cute sundress.

… a towel, or a top & skirt, which can be worn with or without a singular set of underwear. Once she has left her apartment, you have the full run of her small Japanese neighborhood, with several walls, fences, and small, close-together houses. There is also a canal with a bridge that connects two sections of the neighborhood and some homes build on top of hills.

Oh, my god, she lives in Narima. Where Ranma… (anime series Ranma 1/2)


… the neighborhood Ranma was in. ‘Cause there was always that canal with the bridge, remember?

Right, right.

You can have her strip down immediately or she can wander the neighborhood, possibly flashing, or gradually stripping down. Her clothing will remain where she leaves them and you usually have to retrieve all of her clothing before she will be able to get back into her apartment. The buttons to have her flash when she is clothed will change to having her cover herself when naked. While the neighborhood doesn’t have any vehicles, there are pedestrians walking around, all young males.

Where are all the women. Very strange.

There are indicators if you can be seen and in what directions. If the indicator goes fully white, you’ve been completely seen and the men will usually utter… 

Sugoi!  Ohhh!

…in surprise and admiration. 

Melee Sugoi!

They usually stop in their tracks, too, making it easier to duck behind a wall and get away.

I mean, if you saw some chick walking around at 10:30pm, clearly butt-ass naked, you also stop in your tracks.

Yeah? And? Is there a lie?


Is there a lie?

No, there is no lie. I see no lie.

Rika has several meters. The Red Bar is her embarrassment or nerve. If she is seen too many times or for too long, the bar will empty and will basically end the session. The pink bar is her arousal meter, with the longer she is exposed, the more the meter fills. She also has a white meter with will fill if you have her masturbate. Once it is full, she orgasms. Masturbation does lock the camera, so you only get an indication that someone is nearby with the sight indicator. It is also the most sexual act in the game.

Several features were not implemented. Story mode is simply a sandbox mode for running around in the game. The Scenario Creator will have various challenges, but, again, are missing several options, such as Character, Clothing, and Ecchi. 

 I was going to ask what the Ecchi thing was.

I’m not sure. He, Jaguar, did not specify what that was going to be.

Huh. Weird. 

You can select starting clothing and a starting place. Exposure Play will give you points the longer you are out and if you are clothed, it will fill the meter when Rika flashes. Streaking has you run to various checkpoints to run around lit-up areas for a set amount of time. Getting Dressed has your clothes scattered around the neighborhood and you will have to find all of them in order to get back in. Similarly, Locked Out has you running naked around the neighborhood looking for your house key in order to get back into your apartment.

 Don’t you hate that when that happens. You’re just strolling around casually in the neighborhood, bare-ass naked. And then you realize “Oh! I left my keys in my pants… where are my pants?”

And that’s the thing. It’s just the key. Your clothes are not there.

Oh, fantastic! It’s like a key in a preverbal nudist colony.

There is usually a time limit, set from 10pm to 5am, though you can change it for some modes. There is also a Challenges list which gives you extra points for performing certain acts, such as toplessness, full nudity, not covering yourself the entire time, never being seen, etc.

As you can see by the footage, the game looks very good. Fully modeled and playable in 3D. Rika herself is very attractively modeled in an anime style that doesn’t veer too far into the over-the-top cutesy aesthetic. 


The character animations are also very good. The sandbox is small, but filled with little nooks and crannies and makes it very rewarding to explore, if nothing else to find alternate routes or see the little touches to make each area different. The sound design works, with occasional night sounds, plus nice touches with things like the walking sounds being different for walking on different surfaces, though still pretty noisy. There is also a distinct difference in lighting as night slowly turns to day as dawn arrives. Also, one of the props is a blindfold, which limits your depth of vision,…

Man. the draw distance in this sucks!

It’s like being in Silent Hill.

… making it harder to navigate and also avoid the pedestrians in the area, making for a very interesting challenge.

Several of the promised features, outside of the greyed out menu items, include Aimi, a secondary character and apparently much more experienced in exposure play. There is supposed to be new neighborhoods to run around in, more daring clothing, and challenges issued in the form of an exposure play web forum that Rika frequents. Recently the developer showed off footage of nude Rika on a bicycle, so a new form of transportation and challenge as well. 

Wooow! Um, so, I’m just imagining the bicycle with a standard racing bike seat?

I do believe it was. (it is)

Racing bike seats on women is interesting. Because most racing bike seats are built for men…


…so things are curved and whathaveyou in very interesting fashion. She could just, you know, ride her bike through a slightly bumpy area.

I was looking forward to what Jaguar would have in store for us. Unfortunately, Barebottomgames shifted gears and put Roshutsu on hold to concentrate on another exhibition game called “My Naked Li(f)e”, with a more point & click game style. To quote from the About section on their Patreon: 

Amber Freeman is an easy-going, freckle-faced 20-something year old with nothing to hide! Uncomfortably snug with her crowded family in a small house, she saved enough money to leave it all behind! With only the clothes on her back, she now finds herself in the eccentric town of Culo Culo. But when Amber’s caught in a bare-naked lie, a bold new opportunity is aroused! With her new life ready in a new town with some unique clothing ordinances, Amber realizes she doesn’t have to wear her old life anymore. She can shed it all and expose her true self for EVERYONE to see! The sun’s shining, the sky’s blue, and Amber’s going to greet the world BUTT-NAKED! 

Unfortunately, Jaguar has decided to step away from all game development for the time being. They had assembled more of a team to handle “My Naked Li(f)e” and that team will continue development of that game. “Roshutsu” is currently on indefinite hold, if not dropped altogether.  Regardless, the current build of “Roshutsu” is still available from barebottomgames on And I’m hoping to try out the demo of “My Naked Li(f)e” that has been promised soon.

<TARDIS Noises>

Hi, this is BeelzeRog from the future.

Well, after this audio was recorded, Jaguar has been experimenting with 2D animations for gameplay and looking to redo Roshutsu as a 2D sprite game. As such, I’m not sure if he’s going to make this a sequel to his 3D game or to replace it. I’m hoping that when I upload this video, the 3D game will still be available. Whatever Jaguar wants to do is up to him, the 2D sprites look fun, but my general preference is for 3D games, and like I said, I hope it inspires other 3D exhibitionism games even if Jaguar doesn’t intend to do any more himself.

Also, after this recording, I decided to create my own website. Stop by to find links to my other social media, as well as my videos embedded with full text scripts and my mods and levels. I’ll still have exclusives at Subscribestar and will be active on other social media. But if something happens to other sites, just check to find out where else to find me. Oh, and I stuck a forum on there as well. I figure the last thing anyone needs is another damn Discord server… though I may live to eat those words…

<Door Shuts>

And if you like what we are doing here, check out our SubscribeStar account at, which will take you to some extras, plus some behind the scenes and outtakes audio as well. Also, let us know how you like these videos, plus what you might like to see in the future. And be sure to check out, where some of our content is mirrored or you might see me playing this game or other adult games I’ve reviewed on adult streaming site on Tuesdays at 8pm Mountain Standard Time at Later!


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