BeelzeRog Adult Game Review 25: Real Life Sunbay City

BeelzeRog Adult Game Review 25: Real Life Sunbay City

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A young man in a new city for college ends up with his luggage lost and finds his promised apartment is actually just a bedroom. 

Late Stage Capitalism!

Fortunately he now has two hot roommates and a town full of potential for him to explore. 

Sounds like college.

And there is definitely something in the air here. Maybe it has to do with the high class Fetish Club across the street. Sounds like the plot from any number of Adult Visual Novels? Probably, but this is also part of the new 3D open-world adult RPG “Real Life: Sunbay City”.

This game has actually been on my radar for a while.The game development has going on since late 2018 and I got a chance to play it starting with build version 0.1.4. The build I’m basing this review on is version 0.6.0.

There is actually several ways to play the game. There is the male character mentioned before, Mike, who has a full, but not complete, story mode at the moment. There is also a female character, Mia, who, according to the description on the game’s Patreon, is a local girl from the suburbs also attending the local college, but dreams of fame and fortune. 

Yeah, all the girls are… something and pretty? What’s that line?

Well there was ‘Every man’s an actor, Every girl is pretty’.(Lyrics from Rick Springfield’s song “Don’t Talk to Strangers”)

There ya go.

She originally had more story available to play in the earlier builds, but was scaled back in favor of Mike. They recently announced that another team will be working on Mia’s quests going forward as the small team doesn’t have time to work on both equally. Lastly, there is a Sandbox mode where you can just walk around town as Mike and engage with the female characters in the game.

First of all, you’ll notice some interesting mechanics. The gameplay is 3D open world, but the story is like a visual novel, with static characters and text dialogue. The characters are mostly static at the beginning of the game, with the backgrounds going on as normal, but movements start being added as the game goes along, including sex scenes.

There are user-controlled sex scenes as well as story-controlled scenes. If the player has control, clicking on the characters will bring up menu options for types of sex acts and positions. Some of the scenes have sex sounds and a few of the later ones have some music.

Now, wouldn’t that be funny in real life? You’d be, like, bangin’ and you’re like ‘Hold on’, mouse, mouse, mouse, “OK, reverse cowgirl!” click, OK, uh uh uh!

In the regular game, there is no music or spoken dialogue. Only ambient noise, a few action alerts and environment noise like car motors or footsteps.

The world is mostly open from the start of the game and it is beautifully rendered for a work-in-progress. You have only one or two vehicles at your disposal at the beginning. The island Sunbay City is on has a road around the entire island that is drivable the entire way. Several areas are enterable, though not always inter-actable. The general goods store, the sex shop, the Fetish Club, and various food carts around the island have items you can buy. Others, like the laundromat or the Beach Grill, are only usable in specific quests. There are a few, like the fully rendered Maid Cafe, that seem to be waiting for missions to be programmed to use them.

Another mechanic in the game is the ability to strip random women. 


All pedestrians are in swimsuits and walking up to the bikini clad passers-by will give you a prompt to strip them of their clothing. They will stand there looking at you while covering themselves, eventually running off until they reset, respawning their swimsuits and going back to their walking pathway. You will notice that a wanted star system lights up if you do this and the developers have promised that they will be adding a police presence to give chase if you decide to strip random women on the streets.

Because that’s not illegal or assault…

And that fact that you don’t get slapped immediately or something like that is, uh…

Yeah, I think their swimsuits are all made of velcro.

Yeah, pretty much. Just kinda *rippp*

There are also cars driving around Sunbay City’s streets, but it’s an odd bunch. They do not respond to the traffic lights and only a few have their collision enabled. They and the rest of the city are a mixed bag as far as what has collision and what does not, though none of the pedestrians do. Also, n one of the vehicles have damage set up, which is good since the auto repair shop isn’t active either.

Yeah, well, there ya go.

But when you are driving around, be careful because it is very easy to lose control of your car driving at high speeds. 

And that’s your GamePro Game Tip. In life and in games.

You can also get your car stuck, but parking kiosks will let you get your car to spawn next to it for a fee.

There is a day-and-night cycle, with some quests and shops only available at certain times. You have the ability to make money a few different ways. Food delivery from any of the food stands where you delivery to women at various distances. There are underwater treasures that you can swim to for cash if you buy the underwater goggles. 

Ze Gogglez, they do… something!

Also there some quests where you will get money at the end and others where beating someone up will result in them dropping a substantial amount of cash. Money will be needed for various things such as food, clothing, and quest missions.

I hate that money is needed for, ya know, food and clothing. That’s so unrealistic.

Storywise is a mixed bag. Themes of domination and submission are very present in the story. Mike is sometimes shown to be very aggressive, other times almost sweet. In one early incident, you have the option to close a door or take a picture. If you close the door, you gain karma, but dialogue will later say you tried to take the photo. And there are several events that would only fly in a porno film,…

“I’m horny, let’s order a pizza!”

… because the term sexual assault would be thrown around. Still, the sex training sessions were surprising, to me, because you are supposed to watch the reaction of the woman being trained to see when the sex act is too much for her, so you can stop and let her cool down. And each woman reacts differently so you have to pay attention.

And that’s also your GamePro Game Tip.

Mia’s Story missions are small. You can play around in the fetish club, but once you leave, you end up doing a mission for your aunt, whoiss Olivia’s mother, a character in Mike’s story.

If a MILF is a mother you’d like to fuck and a DILF is a dad you’d like to fuck, is an aunt an AILF?

Maybe? Given Olivia’s mom…

Maybe some people.. don’t kink-shame.

I’m not going to kink-shame! I will be surprised if sex doesn’t show up at some point for that character.

Older women, they got needs, too.

Of course. And everyone likes something.


After the mission is done, that’s it. You can’t even get back into the club. Plus, Mia has no save function available, and if something closes for the night, you can’t get into her room to sleep!

Much of your character’s information is in their cell phone,…

Just like real Gen Z.

…  including stats, inventory, progress with other characters, a map, and the ability to save the game. There are not autosaves in the game. Some stats are tracked, others are obviously there to be used later as the RPG elements expand.

Now, let’s get to the bad, keeping in mind that this is a game-in-progress. I’ve had some experiences with such games, including “Space Rescue: Code Pink” and “Postal 4”, which I played in Janky Alpha mode when there were only a couple days available. And it is always fun to see what changes from build-to-build, like I was surprised to see this Road Repair suddenly pop-up when I went for 0.5.2 to 0.6.0.

The two most annoying things were, when I load from a Save, my clothes revert to a default version, removing any Attractiveness points I had, and also denies me the ability to purchase any more clothing to bring that number up. 

Isn’t that annoying in real life?

“I just got my defaults…”

I also sometimes lose one of the cars in the parking lot that I can use. Also annoying in real life.

“I know, I once lost a car at the Mega Mall (Mall of America, Bloomington, MN) for 2 and a half hours. That was fun.”

Second one is there’s a problem with the end of your roommate Caroline’s quest, specifically her training session. Her walking and car-entrance animations are already the weakest. But after you’ve finished the training session, getting her back into the car is a chore. She will get struck trying to walk around the car and other times will just moonwalk against the car. This can be a game breaking event because you can’t do anything while waiting for her to get into the car after you honk your horn. Hence the last time I did a play-through, I didn’t finish her storyline.

Other smaller glitches like when you first buy clothing, none of the clothes are available, which requires you to back out, walk back, and open the store again to have the full range of clothes.

Also during Tina’s quest line, several parts of the vintage car end up repeating on top of each other, in some points having her clip through the door and trunk.

“Wow, sounds like a Bethesda game.”

Other than that there are the usual problems with games-in-progress, plants in odd places, missing interiors, but nothing terrible.

I do have a couple minor quibbles story & writing-wise. One is that it’s obvious that English is not the first language of the developers, since they are out of the Ukraine area, which has delayed some updates due to Russia’s invasion. There’s the occasional odd turn of phrase or cultural ‘huh?’ moments which can pull me out of the game. I’m hoping they will run this by an American to polish things up before the full release. Another is the currency. I’m not sure how one can make $100 dollars delivering a food cart meal, but then again buying 2 coffees for a quest mission cost me $50, so…

“Mmmm, inflation.”

…so, maybe inflation is crazy out in Sunbay City. There’s also the use of the metric system in conversations, something that would be rare in an American city.

While the bad parts are annoying, they aren’t game breaking, outside of Caroline’s moonwalking. And I am looking forward to the updates promised, such as bug fixes, a character customizer so Mike can have a different default look, more control of the game visuals, multiple saves, the previously mentioned police presence, as well as a more robust dating system.

In the end, I highly recommend this game, it’s a lot of fun now and should be even more fun as it moves to the Beta stage. I’m definitely looking forward to the new additions. Just hop on over to to pledge your support and have access to downloads. Available for Windows & Mac OS.

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