BeelzeRog Show Nude Mod Review 30: Tomb Raider 2013

BeelzeRog Show Nude Mod Review 30: Tomb Raider 2013

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There is probably no character in video game history that has had quite the ups and downs as Lara Croft. After her debut in 1996’s “Tomb Raider”,

Rini: Boob Raider

Lara has been celebrated as the first true video game sex symbol, as well as a role model for girls, but has also been accused of being a strictly male fantasy character, nothing more than a fighting fuck toy.

Rini: Mmmmmmm

She’s had success in various multimedia, including some decently successful movies, but several of her sequels have been rated as duds, the franchise has been declared dead several times, and Lara has also had her back story both soft and hard rebooted several times.

Rini: Hard…

One of those reboots is the 2013 game simply named “Tomb Raider” by Crystal Dynamics & Square Enix,

Rini: Squeenix

but usually referred to as “Tomb Raider 2013”.

Rini: Boob Raider

In this game, you play Lara as she is just starting out, on a expedition to find a lost kingdom called Yamatai.

Rini: Yamatei

Exploring the Dragon’s Triangle, the crew ends up shipwrecked on an isolated island that is filled with dangers of both the very real and very supernatural kind. Here Lara gets a crash course on the skills will forge her into the legendary icon she will become.

I’ve previously played this game on console and now on PC and it still holds up incredibly well. Of course, we’re here for the nude mods, something that Lara has had a special relationship with. Back when the original game came out, there were rumors of a cheat code that would strip Lara of her clothes dubbed ’Nude Raider’.

Rini: Boob Raider

The rumors were so pervasive that the developers were asked about it frequently. There were even April Fool’s joke codes printed in several game magazines.

Rini: Haaa! Remember when there were Game. Magazines.


Rini: Paper Media, irrelevant!

This led to Tomb Raider 2 including the ability to use the code in the game, but would cause Lara to explode, instantly killing her, and also the finishing scene where Lara ends up shooting the player if they don’t leave her when she tries to take a shower. But since the games would not provide, the modders did.

Now for this particular game, we originally needed a common modding tool called TexMod. However… I hate this tool because I’ve had problems with it in the past. To run it, you load it up, get it to hook into the game, load up your mods, and then start up the game. Also you need to force Tomb Raider to run DirectX 9. So, as you can imagine, all of these steps and it’s proclivity to break and cause the game to crash did not endear me to the program.

Rini: You should just use Nexus (Vortex)

Ah, I don’t think there’s a Nexus hook-in.
(Vortex doesn’t work with “Tomb Raider 2013”).

Rini: That’s a shame.

Fortunately, a new program called Resorep, which uses DirectX 11, became available. This program simply requires you to point it to the folder where the game is that you want to mod, then just place the mod files into the modding folder and run the game as normal . So most of the mods I’m showing will only be using the more modern Resorep, not TexMod, sorry.

First up is a package of mods called “NewNudeSkins Sexy Lara (Resorep DX11)” by mcdyn, a modder previously seen in Mass Effect Andromeda” and The Witcher. They have a slew of revealing outfits available for Lara to wear. Also, all of the outfits require the detail setting to be set to Ultimate.

Rini: Ah, ya know, since this game came out in 2013, so you’d need a better-than-a-potato.


Rini: But not much better than a potato.

The first is “Wild Bondage Suit”, which places Laura in a fishnet leotard with lacy, see-thru underwear and mismatched fishnet stockings.

Second is “WildNudBlood”, which removes the fishnet bodysuit. Instead she has on the see-thru top and a belt around her waist. Not underpants, just her trimmed pubic hair. The same fishnet stockings remain.

Thirdly we have “Wild Black Lingerie” This is the same as “WildNudBlood” except she now has a black, see-thru body stocking covering her.

Rini: Yeah, that was pretty good. That was a good one. I liked that.

Lastly there is “PurpleNudHunter”, which only replaces the Hunter Outfit in Lara’s regular clothing options. The outfit is essentially purple-tinged see-thru underwear. There is also a “PurpleLingerieHunter”, which is the same outfit, just with opaque fabric.

Rini: I think I also like that one. Purple Nude Hunter. I didn’t like the one with the funny fishnets. Those looked weird.

Yes it did. ‘Cause however they managed to do it, they got, managed to get it so it actually looked like it was actually pinching the skin.

Rini: Yeah

After all of those outfits by mcdyn, we now go to a true nude mod. Introducing “Nude Raider” by Albertros. And yes, the name is an intentional reference. There’s actually several Tomb Raider Mods named “Nude Raider” for different games. But this one is much different from what has come before because it’s not just a texture mod, it actually replaces the whole model and does not require Resorep or TexMod to work.

Rini: Yay!

Simply use the modified file to replace its counterpart in the game files. You can pick between Shaved or Unshaved (but neatly trimmed) public hair.

Rini: Insert standard reference joke about hacking through heavy bush.

The nice thing is that this mod actually works within the game’s story. Lara remains clothed until she’s captured at the beginning of the game. She’s pretty much naked after that, except for during flashbacks, giving the sense that her kidnapper stripped her naked before hanging her up and she just never got around to getting dressed properly.

Rini: Mmmm. Can you imagine running through all of that shit being naked. At least give her shoes. That poor thing.

It would almost be more realistic if, throughout the game, her clothes just get torn off as she’s doing things. You know, sliding down those hills and…

Rini: yeah, I know…

…things like that should have torn all of her clothes off.

Rini: That should have torn all of her skin off. But whatever…

Given that she gets shot several times and…

Rini: Got that rebar through her side.

Yeah, and she’s fine pretty much afterward, but…

Rini: Mmmm… I’d like her regenerative properties. Her and Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) should hang out.

The other nice part is that the skin has a dirt-map on it like Lara in the vanilla game. So she will get dirty and clean as she goes through mud and water. If you don’t like that, then she can be permanently clean if you put on her Hunter Outfit.

Rini: Dirty Girl

She does wear a pistol and holster once she gains that weapon, but if you don’t want her to be seen carrying that weapon, you can have her wear the Aviatrix Outfit which will remove the holster & gun.

Rini: So, ya know, that obviously begs the question, where is she keeping her stuff? Is there, like, hammerspace for Lara Croft or is she just shoving them in her butt?

That’s when the little backpack would make a little more sense.

Rini: That and, like, the gun and the climbing pick thing.

Um, the pick will hang off of her.

Rini: Ah! OK, so where she put the guns?

Well, you kinda gotta question it otherwise, ‘cause you don’t really see… unless she’s got it equipped…

Rini: That’s true, you don’t see it.

Because when you equip, like, say, the machine gun, her quiver for the bow & arrow goes away.

Rini: That’s true.

So, it’s probably just Lara Croft hammerspace.

And if you don’t want Lara to wear any gear at all, because her pick axe and walkie talkie will hang off her naked body until you get the gun belt, You can try the mod “Experimental Gear Remover”, also by Albertros. This mod has to be installed after the Nude Raider mod and will remove gear completely from Lara.

This will, of course, not be our last trip with Tomb Raider,

Rini: Boob Raider

And I hope to cover plenty of Lara’s games, not just the most recent series.
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Rini: Yay!

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Rini: Byyyyye!…. Boob Raider

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